Here's a brief introduction to my professional experience. For further detail, please see my full Curriculum Vitae.

University of Hawaii at manoa

I deeply value my time at my first professional gig: Hamilton Library at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I was privileged to have served on a variety of committees, begin to develop relationships, and strengthen my librarian muscles! 

UH is truly a global campus and it was a privilege to work in the heart of it all - the library.

National University - San Diego

I have called National University my home-away-from-home since I relocated to San Diego in 2012. Here I have been challenged to throw my own assumptions about who students are out the window. NU students are the very definition of "nontraditional": veterans, first generation college students, working adults returning to earn first degrees or advanced credentials. Further, the decentralized nature of the university, and the one-course-per-month format make for an unforgiving pace. Student-centered is the only way to be, here, and I wouldn't have it otherwise.